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  • Q.How do I prepare my patient for a CBCT scan?
  • A.You may inform your patient that CBCT scans are at a very low radiation dose and will provide you with optimal images to aid diagnosis. The patient will be standing and the scanning panel will rotate about their head and neck. The entire process takes no longer than 20 minutes. The scan itself takes a matter of seconds. It is important to reassure patients who are prone to claustrophobia: all our scanners are "open" and upright, as compared to the conventional tunnel-like CT scanners, minimizing patient apprehension. If you are not providing your patient with a specific appliance to wear during the scan (for example a dental stent) you will only need to emphasize to your patient the importance of staying still during the scan. If you are providing a dental stent for your patient to wear, please ensure that it fits the patient well.

  • Q.Who will interpret the images?
  • A.The AERB regulations require that a clinical evaluation of each medical exposure must be made and recorded, i.e. the images must be recorded or 'read'. When you request the examination you must also ensure that the images are evaluated by a Radiologist.

  • Q.I need my scan data urgently, what are my options?
  • A. If you need the scan to be processed urgently please tell us and we can provide your patient with a disk in the free viewing software. We can also courier the disk to you (depending on where you are based) though there may be an extra charge for this.

  • Q.Can I request a CT scan before the patient comes to see me?
  • A. In general, no. The referrers must be able to state the medical question that the CT scan is designed to answer (e.g. 'dental implants indicated –bone thickness required'). This implies that the referrer is familiar with the patient's clinical history.

  • Q.How much will it cost?
  • A.Please contact us for pricing for our extensive range of examinations and software options.

  • Q.Can I get training on software that I will use to view my patient's examination?
  • A.The Free Viewers provided with your patient's scan, digital radiograph or 3D photograph offer many tools to help you to get the most out of the images. We are happy to go through the software features with you over the telephone or your nearest ScanDENT centre free of charge. We can arrange a comprehensive one-to-one tutorial for those new to the software and also answer specific questions that established users may have. We can also arrange group training sessions.

  • Q.Can I visit the ScanDENT centres?
  • A.Yes and you are most welcome to either come on your own, with colleagues or with your patient. Please give us a call to let us know when this would be convenient for you.